Building Decks Safer in Oakland County Michigan

Making Decks Safer in Oakland County: A Cedar Works Priority

As you prepare for the arrival of spring, you are probably looking forward to spending time outside – and if you already have a deck, the time to enjoy it is coming right up. But have you considered the safety of your deck? Cedar Works Custom Deck Builder has, and we are excited to share some of what we’ve learned.

According to building inspectors in Oakland County and throughout Southeast Michigan, decks are increasingly becoming the most dangerous part of a home. Now is the time to look at the deck you’ve been enjoying for years and assess how you can make it safer for your entire family. Wood decks don’t last forever and need regular maintenance – as they age, they should be regularly inspected to determine their structural integrity. Replacing an old deck with one built according to code and using new materials is an improvement that will ensure your family’s safety and enjoyment for years to come.

Decks most commonly fail at the point where they meet the house – known to builders as the “house bond.” This is where most deck collapses happen. Cedar Works Custom Deck Builder pays special attention to this crucial area. We check for issues at the house bond on existing decks and seal and flash this bond on all the decks we repair and the new decks we build throughout Southeast Michigan.

Another common weakness in older decks involves hardware. Metal fasteners, especially when used with treated wood, can corrode. This often happens under the deck, and so homeowners are unaware of the danger this corrosion poses. Fasteners can also fail at the connection points between the deck and the railing posts, making railings unsafe to support the kind of weight that they are meant to stand up against. Cedar Works Custom Deck Builder uses only ACQ approved and stainless steel fasteners, the only hardware guaranteed against disintegration when used with cedar or composite decking materials.

Cedar Works Custom Deck Builders uses state of the art materials, performs regular safety inspections, and adheres strictly to building codes on all the decks we build and repair throughout Oakland County and Southeast Michigan. Owner Jamie Ruddy’s background in engineering and degree in Building Construction Management makes Cedar Works the best choice if you want to add a safe and beautiful outdoor living space to your home, and Jamie personally oversees every Cedar Works project. Whether you are looking to inspect and repair an existing deck or design and build a new one, Cedar Works will make your family’s safety our top priority.

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