Michigan Deck Building Trends – Pressure Treated Decks

Every year, Michigan has thousands of homes built.

With a parade of new homes coming up, there is huge demand there are various decks being built. Here we the deck experts have given you tips and suggestions on building decks. This article is a special mention of the trending pressure treated decks and the benefits.

At Cedarworks, we are dedicated to help you choose the right deck for your house and your needs. With our constant involvement with the deck building and maintenance community we have learned quite a lot about what homeowners like and have trouble with.

Pressure treated decks are becoming more popular and we see this being a big trend this since 2015. Many home owners battle between the difference of a composite deck vs a pressure treated wood deck to be built for their Michigan home. Our expert deck builders are trained and would suggest the best type of deck to build for your home.

Wood for any outdoor project should be pressure-treated; wood for indoor projects should be left as is. The sawdust from pressure-treated wood is an irritant to the eyes, skin, and nose. Some low-level leaching can also be a problem with indoor projects. Plus, a proper selection of the wood species should provide you with all the rot and insect protection you need for your indoor projects. On the other hand, this pressure treatment is essential to your outdoor projects and can add almost two decades worth of life to your project.

The possibilities on designing and building your deck are almost endless, from a one story simple deck to an enormous two story wrap around we are your local Michigan deck builders and we are happy to cater to your unique needs and home.

Deck Railings: Designs and Selections

A deck is the first feature of the house that grabs attention, hence choosing a rail that complements the decking material along with the style and color scheme of the house. With a wide range of choices choosing the right one is an art. Many rails are built from metal or composite or something is built as a combination of both.

Prepare for the Winter

In the mist of winter, it’s hard not to look forward to spring, when the snow will melt and it will be time pull out the patio set, fire up the grill and relax with a cold beverage.

Quick Build an Awesome Deck

Build your deck building project go faster. Seven simple steps from the pros. Quick and clever tricks like these allow professional builders to build a deck quickly and accurately. Building decks is not for everyone. If you are doing something simple, move ahead, follow the steps. If you are looking at a magnificent one, talk to the experts.

Building Decks Safer in Oakland County Michigan

As you prepare for the arrival of spring, you are probably looking forward to spending time outside – and if you already have a deck, the time to enjoy it is coming right up. But have you considered the safety of your deck? Cedar Works Custom Deck Builder has, and we are excited to share some of what we’ve learned.